Double or Quits

So yesterday I went live with my Wig Free Week campaign and the response has been amazing!

I was so nervous to finally share my story with my friends and colleagues, and had shaking hands as I sent my message out into cyberspace.  What if no-one cared?  What if they laughed at my pictures?  Those few minutes as I waited for people to start replying were torture, but soon the messages of support started flooding in.

I may have had a momentary breakdown in the office when I realised how nice people were being about it – I am not someone who can hold back the tears easily!  But after a few reassuring hugs and some fresh air, I began to feel increasingly positive as I realised that it was going to be OK!

I was hoping that this would be a liberating experience, and it certainly feels that way already.  My alopecia has always been ‘the elephant in the room’ that I don’t talk about, and it has held me back from being truly honest with myself and others.  Finally speaking up about it feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, and I hope I can continue feeling those positive thoughts as I proceed with my challenge.

I have raised over £800 in less than 24 hours, which I was really not expecting to happen so quickly.  So, given this incredible level of support, I have decided to up the challenge even further by doubling the target to £2,000, just to make things that bit harder for myself!  To quote my school motto, Plus est en Vous (there is more in you than you think)!

Please keep sponsoring, sharing and spreading the word! 🙂


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