Day 3 of Wig Free Week

umbrellaDay 3 started off with a torrential downpour which made walking to Brixton station a bit miserable.  My umbrella broke halfway there so I had to fashion a headscarf to keep the rain off my head, in the style of her majesty the Queen!

I found that wearing a headscarf actually attracted more stares than going bald, maybe because when I’m bald people presume it’s a deliberate choice or a fashion statement whereas when I’m wearing a headscarf they think I’m trying to cover up my baldness.


I went to a spin class at BOOM Cycle before work.  I do normally go wig-free when I’m spinning because it’s dark in the class, and it would be too uncomfortable and hot to wear a wig.  BOOM Cycle have been incredibly supportive of me and promoted my story on their blog.

The class was really uplifting and gave me an endorphin boost!  I saw this great quote in one of the changing rooms and thought that it really summed up my alopecia journey so far.

balloonI had another lovely surprise at work when a huge box was delivered to me, filled with balloons!  It was a gift from my boss Amy, who wanted to give me a mid-week boost as she thought that I might be having a low moment.  A very thoughtful gesture, and they put a smile on my face!

I can’t believe I am almost half-way through the week already – it has gone a lot quicker than I thought!

bowling9After work, I went ‘wig free bowling’ with a group of friends at All Star Lanes in Holborn.  We had dinner and drinks first, and I gave everyone stickers that my lovely colleague Dani had made, with ‘Supporting Ruth’s Wig Free Week’ on them and the charity (AAR-UK) logo.

It was great to see all the girls and everyone was excited to hear about my progress with Wig Free Week.

bowlingBowling was really fun, although I wasn’t very good at it!  I am starting to get used to being out in a public place without my wig, and was able to forget about it and enjoy myself.  It helps when friends are around, as it gives me a confidence boost and I feel supported.

Another fun and eventful wig-free day. 3 days down, 4 more to go! 🙂


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