Day 4 of Wig Free Week

headscarfI was a bit chilly on Day 4 as I was walking around wig-free, so I decided to fashion a headscarf to keep the cold off. Slightly regretting my choice of October for Wig Free Week!  However, as someone said, if I had chosen July then I would have had probably ended up with a sunburned head so there is probably never an ideal time to do it!

Having reached the halfway point in my week, I was feeling a bit reflective.  I can feel a huge change in myself already in only 4 days, and have found the week so much easier and more fun than I thought I would!

pubI  am also starting to question my own choice to wear a wig, as going bald is so much easier and less hassle.  I don’t have to worry about brushing or styling my hair in the morning, I just get up and go. And it is also a lot cheaper than wearing a wig !  I don’t know whether I would want to go wig-free all of the time, but I am certainly realising that not wearing a wig is a nice option to have.
In the evening, we invited a group of friends to the pub quiz at the top of our road, Elm Park Tavern.  The quizmaster Matt had very kindly agreed to let us do a raffle for Wig Free Week and Autoimmune Alopecia Research UK, so I brought my charity donation buckets with me.

Before the quiz started, I went round the tables handing out flyers and telling people about Wig Free Week and why I was fundraising for alopecia research.  Everyone seemed really interested and asked me questions, and I got lots of donations!

pub4One lady even told me that she used to have alopecia areata, which is when you get bald patches on your head, but that her hair had now totally grown back.  Another lady said that her friend had alopecia totalis like me, and that she lost all of her hair as a child and it never grew back.  It is incredible that when you get talking to people about alopecia they usually know someone who has it – it is a lot more common than people think!

The quiz was Halloween themed so we did some pumpkin carving and apple-bobbing as well as answering questions on horror films, songs and literature.  I was joint first at the apple-bobbing, partly because it was a lot easier for me as I didn’t have hair getting in the way!

pub3My team, wittily named ‘Gettin’ Wiggy With It’, came second overall and Tim’s team lost, which he was very annoyed about!  Before I handed out the raffle prize I did a brief speech about why I was raising money for charity and then handed over the prize (a magnum of prosecco) to the winner!

The evening was a great success and we raised £156 for charity which is wonderful!  4 days down, 3 to go! 🙂


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