Day 5 of Wig Free Week

day 5Day 5 was my last wig-free day in the office – this week is just going so fast!  Quite a few people were asking whether I would come back wearing my wig on Monday as I think everyone has kind of got used to seeing me bald by now.

I probably will go back to wearing my wig initially, but I think I will hopefully now have the confidence to take it off when I want to.  There are lots of circumstances where wearing a wig is uncomfortable especially in the summer, at a gig or on the Central line of the tube!  groggsySo hopefully on those sort of occasions I will be able to go wig-free without worrying.

After work I had organised a charity spin class at BOOM Cycle in Holborn.  I go spinning at BOOM regularly and they very generously offered to host the class for no charge, and all donations went to Autoimmune Alopecia Research UK.

boom3My lovely colleague Dani helped me set up with stickers and pink glow-sticks for everyone and we took donations as people arrived.  Lots of people from work came, as well as friends and people who had heard about it on the BOOM Cycle blog.  We were 28 in total which was a great turn-out!

boom2Our instructor Naomi, who was kindly giving up her time to take the class for free, put us through our paces during 45 minutes of sweat and hard work!  Some people who came had never done spinning before and I was delighted that everyone had made the effort to come and support me and the charity.

BOOM groupAfter the class, we took a group photo.  We are all a bit red and sweaty but everyone is smiling so I hope that means that they enjoyed themselves!

 The spin class was a really fun and exhilarating way to start the weekend!  And we raised a whopping £200! We all went to the Square Pig pub for a drink afterwards to celebrate our achievements and catch up.


I was delighted when my friend Melissa, who also has alopecia, decided to join us for a drink.  Melissa and I met a few weeks ago, when I was walking around near St. Paul’s in central London and spotted her crossing a road.  When I realised she had alopecia I stopped and spoke to her, and we exchanged contact details.

Since then, we have been chatting online and she has offered to write a guest post for my blog about her experiences with alopecia.  It is great to have someone else my age to discuss alopecia with as we have a lot in common.

Another exciting and action-packed day!  5 down, 2 to go! 🙂


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