Day 6 of Wig Free Week

parkrunI literally hit the ground running on Day 6, with a parkrun in Brockwell Park with my friend Marcus.  Parkrun is an organised 5km run every Saturday morning at 9am, and I go fairly regularly, so I had spoken to the run organisers and asked whether I could make an announcement before the run.

It was pretty terrifying standing up and speaking in front of 200 runners and my voice got a little wobbly with emotion, brunchbut it was totally worth it, as quite a few people came up to speak to me about Wig Free Week afterwards and we received £32 in donations.  A lot of people said how brave I was, and a couple of people mentioned that they know others who also have alopecia.

After the run, we had a well deserved brunch!
bikingLater on, I met up with my friend Rachel in central London to do some wig-free Boris biking!  We cycled from Green Park through Horse Guards Parade and over to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.  It was really fun being out on the bikes and playing at being tourists!

And luckily it was a gorgeous, sunny day.  I have been very lucky with the weather this week as it has been relatively warm so my head hasn’t got too chilly.  biking2Although today it was so sunny that I was a bit worried about it getting sunburned!

After the biking, I went home and had a bit of a chill on the sofa with a cup of tea.  I suddenly realised that I have barely stopped and relaxed all week, as I have been busy every day doing wig-free activities and admin.  It was nice just to stop for a minute and have a moment to myself.

halloween4But there’s no rest for the wicked, and speaking of wicked, it just so happened that Wig Free Week coincided with Halloween!  So I got all dressed up as a skeleton and we had some friends round for a Halloween party.

I had been debating what to go as since being wig-free slightly limits your options!  Uncle Fester was suggested, but in the end I went for a skeleton and face-painted my head to look like a skull.  halloween1It was actually far more effective to be a skeleton without hair as the skull looked much more realistic!

We had a really fun evening and it was great to catch up with all the girls.  I can’t believe Wig Free Week is almost over – it has gone so fast!  6 days down, 1 to go! 🙂


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