Alopecia Aware

AA1I was recently interviewed by the lovely Danielle Cardy from Alopecia Aware.

Alopecia Aware is a multimedia journalism project set up by Danielle as part of her degree at Bournemouth University.  The project aims to “raise awareness of Alopecia and the lack of research actually going into the illness in finding a cure”.  You can follow the project blog or Twitter page to find out more.

Danielle wanted to find out more about my story as part of her project, so she filmed me talking about alopecia and my Wig Free Week.  We discussed how I felt after my diagnosis, how alopecia has affected my life, relationships and career and how I have managed to overcome it and regain my confidence.  We also spoke about how much the general public know about alopecia and what can be done to increase awareness.

AA2It was great to discuss these issues with Danielle, and meet someone else who is as passionate about raising awareness of alopecia as I am.  The project Danielle is doing is so important and the fact that she is promoting it online and on social media hopefully means that she will be able to spread the word to as many people as possible, particularly young alopecia sufferers.

Both Danielle and I have found Twitter an incredibly useful forum for getting in touch with the alopecia community. She told me that she has found most of her interviewees through Twitter, just as I have had a lot of support on Twitter from other alopecia sufferers .

However, Danielle is not only recording the opinions of people who have experienced alopecia directly, but also health professionals and suppliers, such as psychologist Dr. Nigel Hunt and headwear providers Suburban Turban.  It is great that she is looking at multiple aspects of the condition, in order to reach a more thorough understanding.

The interview footage will be posted online in due course, and I can’t wait to see it! Thank you very much Danielle and best of luck with your fantastic project.


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