Gordonstoun’s Own Clothes Day


Back in October, I contacted my old school, Gordonstoun, about my plans to do a Wig Free Week to raise money for Autoimmune Alopecia Research UK.  To my delight, they replied to me saying that the pupils were really interested in my campaign and would like to help!

I went back to school when I was home for a weekend and met up with two of the prefects, Imogen and Archie, who had offered to organise an Own Clothes Day to raise money for AAR-UK.

It was great to have a chance to tell them more about how alopecia had affected me and why I feel so passionately about funding research through the work of AAR-UK.  I was very touched by their enthusiasm and kindness, and the fact that they wanted to do something proactive to show support.

Before the Own Clothes Day Imogen and Archie showed my Wig Free Week video to the whole school during an assembly.  This helped the students to understand a bit more about who I was, how alopecia had affected me and why I had decided to go without my wig to raise money for charity.  I hope the video conveyed a positive message about overcoming alopecia, and that they found my story inspiring!

On Friday 20th November the students were invited to wear their own clothes, rather than school uniform, to school for a day for a donation of £1 to AAR-UK.  The Own Clothes Day was a huge success raising £390, which is a fantastic result and a huge boost to my fundraising campaign!

I have also been invited to go back to give a lecture at the school in March 2016.  This will be an opportunity to thank the students in person for their efforts and to report back on how Wig Free Week went, as well as telling them a bit more about my experiences with alopecia.

Thank you so much to Imogen, Archie and the students and staff of Gordonstoun School for your fantastic support! 🙂


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